interieur design - shop decoration - corporate identity

2015 Die Wäschebox

second hand shop concept with shop decoration and corporate identity for  DIE WÄSCHEBOX / opening

Christmas decoration for Wäschebox - Boutique Second Hand and Gift Boutique

art projects in schools

2014 new high school Payerbach "STONE-ART"

2014 Peter Rosegger reloaded new high school Reichenau

source: Land Steiermark
source: Land Steiermark

Peter Rosegger was a celebre styrian writer. at the age of hardly 40he had published 30 volumes.
The lifetime work of the local poet amounted to 43 volumes in total.

he was a critical author and mentor at this period of the 18th century, dedicated his life improving living conditions and rural developement. Additionally social projects  took more and more importance for him. He published the "Volkskalender", a sort of diary-sketchbook  with a lot of useful leads for life. he designed also fashion for farmer women, composed social critical pamphlets and was also a mentor in environmental and natural protection.

closed to the population and the village of Krieglach where he lived and worked. 


The students of the high school had an excursion to Peter Roseggers Waldheimat, his home place.  After examination of his litterature, they had the challenge to rebuilt his Volkskalender in a contemporary style. 5 different groups designed fashion, wrote essays, reinvented childs plays, drawed layouts for a world like Peter Rosegger would see it today. The collages were exposed in the auditorium.

2011 Fisthopia primary & high school Puchberg